The All-purpose TyBar Cow

The TYBAR is a tough place for a cow to stake out a career. She needs to have along list of important qualities. Relying on the EPDs set out by the American Angus Association she has a proven track record of high performance.

Tybar selects the AI sires with the best genetics to combine with her history to provide cattle that will make money for our customers. Tybar continues  following the guidelines of the American Angus Association on blood typing for DNA on parentage and detection of potential genetic issues.

Tybar regularly upgrades the nutritional and health programs to promote growth, fertility and strong viable calf. Cows are monitored regularly to maintain body condition and provide ample milk in the harsh winter months.

In Mid January, cows calve close to the barn so that they can be brought inside to be weighed, tattooed and allowed to spend few hours to completely dry off before being turned out.



Cows and heifers are bred by AI, one cycle followed by natural service of selected registered Angus Bulls. Natural service Registered Tybar bulls are selected from the top 3% of the yearling herd.

Other natural Service bulls are purchased from Colorado State University and other Registered Angus  breeders with genetics to be introduced in the Tybar herd.

After AI, the yearling heifers and the 1st calf heifers are put on a development program to insure continuing growth. Routinely, those females are maintained on the ranch in Carbondale or Rifle.

The mature cow herd  maintained on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and or Forest Service Permits from June to October.

Yearling Bulls

Yearling Bulls  are offered by Private Treaty, starting in December. Tybar requests the bulls remain on the ranch in the development program until they are tested for PAP, Carcass evaluation (Ultrasound ) and Fertility. They are usually  released in March.

Yearling Heifers

Yearling Heifers are PAP tested in the spring and retained on the ranch in the heifer development program to be bred in April.

Bred Heifers

Bred Heifers, are offered by Private Treaty, starting in December. Their due dates begin in Mid-January.